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Sight Word Practice Roundup

There are tons of online resources for sight word practice. From printable flash cards and games to online interactive games, there is something every kid will enjoy!

Free Phonics Roundup

Depending on the child and the curriculum you’re using, some extra phonics worksheets might be necessary. Before you go out and buy another workbook, check out the worksheets available online – there are tons!

Bible Memory: Romans 3:23

  Here are 5 printables to help with memorizing Romans 3:23: Fill In The Blanks – Gradually learn the verse by filling in the missing words Cut Apart Puzzle – Cut apart the verse, mix it up and put it back in correct order Write and Draw – Copy the verse and express your thoughts […]

Bible Memory: 1 Corinthians 10:31

This is the first of the Bible Memory Packs from Homeschool Roundup! We hope to be posting these with some regularity, as we know that a decent percentage of those who choose to homeschool incorporate Bible into their schoolwork. This set is for memorizing 1 Corinthians 10:13 and contains 5 sheets: Fill In The Blanks […]

Christmas Lesson Roundup

Christmas is around the corner! Here are some lesson ideas to add some holiday cheer to your schoolwork!

Free Math Stuff Roundup

There are tons of free math resources available on the internet. Today’s roundup includes free worksheets, drills and a fun math game!

Preschool Roundup

Time for some fun with the preschoolers!

Homeschooling on the Cheap

There are many, many free resources available for homeschooling, from preschool on up. Besides your local library, there are literally thousands of online worksheets, drills, activities, games, crafts and ideas to make homeschooling as easy on the wallet as possible.

Create Your Own Handwriting Worksheets

There are some excellent resources available for creating your own handwriting worksheets. Here are a few: Worksheet Creator Multi-word Handwriting Worksheets