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Save money with used curriculum

If you’re new to homeschooling, you might not be aware of the many sources for purchasing used curriculum. Homeschool Roundup has a post covering various places to get used curriculum that’s worth checking out.

Help kids hold pencils correctly

I have a 6 year old and when he first started writing, we went round and round about how to hold the pencil. I would correct his grip and 10 seconds later it would be messed up again. It’s hard for little ones to hold a pencil correctly. Then we found the magic solution! Pencil […]

How to keep glue lids from clogging

It’s time for arts and crafts and you get it all ready, then everyone sits and waits while Mommy unclogs the glue bottles. No more! Use this trick of coating the lids in oil to cut down on clogs.

Make a “tissue” box to keep little hands busy

This is an awesome idea for keeping a little one busy while doing school with the older kids. Use an old tissue box and material squares and make some big fun! Read all about it at The Imagination Tree.

Make a cheap dry erase board

Dry erase boards are great for many uses as you’re homeschooling. At, Joy tells us how to make cheap dry erase boards from melamine bought at the home improvement store! One commenter added a great tip – cover the edges of the melamine with colored duct tape, and for an “on hand” eraser, cut […]

Use time in the car for listening to audio books

During some seasons of life we can end up spending a lot of time in the car- more than we would like in most cases. Put that time to good use by listening to audiobooks such as Story of the World or the memory work audio CDs that come along with some curricula. If you’re doing Classical […]

Make your worksheets reusableW

If you have worksheets your child will use multiple times, or that multiple children will use, put them in page protectors. The kids can use dry erase markers and do the worksheets over and over. This is great for timed math drills.

Make-ahead lunches and snacks

If you have multiple children doing a variety of things during the day, it can be very frustrating to be deep into a subject with one child and have another child announce that they are hungry and ready for a snack. Stop these interruptions with make-ahead snacks and lunches. Why should parents of public school […]

Keep a toddler busy with a colander

It can be a challenge to keep the little ones busy while working with older children. Here’s one way: put a collander upside down on the floor or a table. Give the child some dry spaghetti noodles that have been broken in half, and show them how to stick them through the holes and find […]