Classical Method

This is the method used to train the greatest thinkers of the western world. A classical curriculum includes reading great works of literature and studying rhetoric and logic. Advocates of this approach are critical of progressive trends that, they believe, water down education. Their main goal is to cultivate independent thinkers, and develop great communicators and leaders.

  • Focuses on the “trivium,” (grammar, logic, rhetoric)
  • Formal instruction in logic, Greek, Latin, and the great works of western literature.
  • Socratic method of teaching includes public speaking, drill work, memorization.
  • Goal is to train future leaders and to teach them to think for themselves.

This teaching method might work well for you/your student if you:

  • like structure,
  • desire to evaluate your child’s learning based on academic standards,
  • see the value of an education that places primacy on the written word, both in reading and writing well,
  • believe that developing good study skills fairly early on in your child’s life will benefit him greatly as time goes on,
  • want to concentrate on classics of Western literature as a tool to develop critical thinking,
  • don’t mind being fairly involved in the process of your child’s education – discussing books, giving dictation, encouraging the reaching of academic goals,
  • have a child who is academically oriented.

Classical Resources:

By Angela Snodgrass

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