Computer Based Learning Method

As this type of home schooling method is becoming more popular, there are increasing varieties of how students use the computer for their home schooling. Some computer-based curriculums have the curriculum on CDs or DVDs. Others are more like distance learning courses taken through the Internet. In fact, many universities and colleges are starting to offer elearning courses.

This teaching method might work well for you/your student if you:

  • want to have your child follow a set scope and sequence,
  • want to have step-by-step accountability for your child,
  • see a value in using modern technology and don’t have concerns for its over-use,
  • need to find a way to not be involved so much in the day-to-day process of your child’s education, though you would be available to give help and general guidance,
  • have a child who likes being able to work at his own pace and use the computer.

See our list of online and computer based resources for more information.

By Angela Snodgrass

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