Curriculum Review: Handwriting Without Tears

Before we even began homeschooling, I had heard about Handwriting Without Tears. People raved about it, so when my fine motor challenged little guy was ready to begin a handwriting program I knew it was the method we would go with.

Handwriting Without TearsĀ® teaches a simple, clean, vertical style of printing and cursive that is easy for everyone to learn. We teach the easiest style so that all children can be successful in handwriting.

One of the things that was most appealing about the curriculum is that children are taught to write on two lines instead of the normal three you see in most books. Fewer lines make it much easier to learn correct letter placement – the standard two lines with a dotted line in the middle were just confusing for my son. The workbooks show children how to form the letters step-by-step using easy to remember cues like “frog jump capitals” and letters that are formed starting with “magic c”. You can see more here on the curriculum web site about how the workbooks are designed for the clearest possible instruction.

There are several other helpful hands-on items you can purchase along with the workbooks. The only one we used was the little chalkboard, but they have several other items like the wood pieces set to build letters for example.

We’re just finishing the 1st grade printing book and will definitely plan to learn cursive with HWT too. We highly recommend this curriculum!

Author: Randa Clay

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