Homeschool Myths and Stereotypes

If you have homeschooled long, you have probably had this conversation:

Unfortunately, any group can be stereotyped, and a few bad examples can make the rest look bad by association. Don’t let these stereotypes bother you though. While somewhat amusing at times, what others think of your family is not what is most important. What’s important is making the best choices for your family. Obviously, in talking about the “average public school kid” in the video, I’m guilty of stereotyping a bit myself, and clearly there are great kids in all forms of education.

But… since it’s rather amusing to those of us who know better, here’s a list of common misconceptions about homeschooling families (feel free to add to the list in the comments):

1. Homeschooled kids lack social skills. They don’t know how to talk to anyone.
2. They’ll be unable to adjust to “real life” after being sheltered at home.
3. They won’t be tough enough to withstand life’s hard knocks.
4. Homeschoolers are mostly religious fanatics.
5. They don’t have any fun.
6. They’ll have a difficult time in college.
7. Homeschooled kids are always outside playing and going shopping with their parents. They obviously aren’t spending enough time doing schoolwork.
8. They stay in their pajamas all day.
9. Mom has an endless supply of denim jumpers* and girls should never cut their hair.
10. Homeschooled kids are lonely and have no friends.

*I’m being a little tongue-in-cheek about the denim jumpers, but though I don’t happen to own any, I think they’re mighty cute and we should wear whatever is modest and makes us feel comfortable.

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