Literature Based Method

Sonlight Curriculum is probably the oldest and one of the most popular of the literature-based home school curriculums. Rather than use textbooks, which can be rather dry and uninteresting to many children, literature-based curriculums use “living books” like Charlotte Mason advocated. Students read historical fiction, first-person accounts and books written by people with a passion for their subject. The Literature-based method actually covers a broad range of home schooling methods, including the Unit Study method, Charlotte Mason method, and other methods.

This teaching method might work well for you/your student if you:

  • want to have your child follow a set scope and sequence,
  • want to have general accountability for your child,
  • see a value in having your child love to read by reading books he or she will love to read,
  • want to be involved in the day-to-day process of your child’s education, through discussion that will draw out what your child is learning and perhaps controversial issues raised through the books.

By Angela Snodgrass

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