Make a schoolwork memory book

We all have lots of work our kids have completed sitting around, waiting to be organized or thrown out, and the longer you homeschool and the more kids you have, the paper can really pile up. I tend to be rather unsentimental, almost to a fault and was throwing everything out, until a friend reminded me that one day we would enjoy looking back at samples of their work through the years. I realized those 12×12 scrapbook albums would be perfect for organizing old work by year!

The sheet protectors are open at the top, so schoolwork and artwork slips right in, and I’ll make a cover page for each year. I put the age on the front, since we try to stay away from grade labels. My sister had the genius idea to have them stamp a hand print each year, and I also put a few highlights of his work, accomplishments, likes and dislikes, for the year. I love the simplicity of this system, and I know we’ll be grateful years from now to be able to look back through it.

What about you? How do your organize the kids’ completed schoolwork?

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