Math Wheel for Practicing Addition/Subtraction Fact Triangles 1-10

Practicing math using triangular number families is very effective, but at our house, flash cards seem to get strewn around everywhere and I thought it would be great to have it all in one place. So, I created this number wheel, which shows each number family as you turn the top circle. With this wheel your child can learn the addition and subtraction facts in a more cohesive manner rather than as abstract facts. Simply place a finger over the number which fits with the facts you’re studying. ¬†For example, if it’s addition practice, put your finger over the largest number (with a gray background).

This is the first set, with facts up to 10. Subsequent sets are forthcoming!

Instructions on putting the wheel together are included with the PDF files below. Click to open and print:

Number Wheel 1

Number Wheel 2

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