Stop Sign Printable To Cut Down On Interruptions

stop sign printableIf you have a little one, particularly in the 2-4 year old range, and are trying to school older kids, keeping the little one from continually interrupting can be a challenge. I used to gate my younger son in his bedroom while doing schoolwork with big brother, but recently when my sister complained of the difficulty, we came up with an even better solution.

Obvious Visual Boundary

She printed a stop sign and hung it up at the entrance to their schoolwork area and explained to her little one that the stop sign meant no talking to Mommy or his brother and sister, and explained the consequences for interrupting and that he was free to talk to Mommy when the stop sign came down. Now of course, sometimes there are going to be urgent things that Mommy needs to stop for, but she keeps her eye on him playing in the other room. This obvious visual cue  telling him that it was not time to come in the room and interrupt made all the difference (including following through with consequences when necessary at first). I thought others might like a stop sign to print, so feel free to click on the below link and get one for yourself!

Printable Stop Sign

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