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Printable Preschool Shape and Line Tracing Sheets

Tracing lines and shapes is an excellent activity to practice prior to writing actual letters. It’s an opportunity to practice drawing lines in different directions as well as proper grip and hand-eye coordination, developing the fine motor skills that will make learning to form letters much easier. Click the links below to open and print: Line […]

Help kids hold pencils correctly

I have a 6 year old and when he first started writing, we went round and round about how to hold the pencil. I would correct his grip and 10 seconds later it would be messed up again. It’s hard for little ones to hold a pencil correctly. Then we found the magic solution! Pencil […]

Curriculum Review: Handwriting Without Tears

Before we even began homeschooling, I had heard about Handwriting Without Tears. People raved about it, so when my fine motor challenged little guy was ready to begin a handwriting program I knew it was the method we would go with. Handwriting Without Tears® teaches a simple, clean, vertical style of printing and cursive that […]

Create Your Own Handwriting Worksheets

There are some excellent resources available for creating your own handwriting worksheets. Here are a few: Worksheet Creator Multi-word Handwriting Worksheets