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Printable Regular and Irregular Plural Worksheets

Learning to properly make plural nouns from singular can be difficult because of the various rules depending on ending letters, and then English has plenty of irregular plurals, just to make it more confusing. There are three worksheets to print: the first has the rules for pluralization along with words to practice with, the second […]

Fun spelling games to play in the car

You have to be in the car anyway – may as well put the time to good use. Here’s a great suggestion from FiveJ’s to play spelling games in the car to pass the time.

Common Nouns vs. Proper Nouns Worksheets

Needing a little extra practice on common nouns vs. proper nouns? Here are a couple of worksheets in which the kids must identify each and circle the letter(s) that should be capitalized in the proper nouns. Click the images to open and print.

Learning Spelling on the Cheap

Being a “minimalist” when it comes to curriculum, I was not really interested in buying some big spelling curriculum, as great as some of them are. I was really excited when I ran across the public domain Webster’s Speller online.  You can not only use it for spelling, but phonics, handwriting and vocabulary as well. […]