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Printable Counting Coloring Sheet

Learning to count will be fun with these little birdies!  Have your child color the correct number of birds in each line. After coloring, ask your student to identify which line has the most colored and which line the least. Then you can cut out each line so that you have 5 strips, and ask […]

Use Graph Paper to Make Multiplication and Long Division Easier

If your child struggles with lining up numbers and keeping them the same size, multiple digit  multiplication problems and long division can be a real struggle. Using graph paper to do problems on can be a life-saver. You can buy pads of graph paper, but it can be difficult to find graph paper with larger […]

Math Game for Boys

For kids who don’t enjoy practicing math facts, games are often helpful. We discovered a fun way to use the nerf guns and a white board today. We drew a target and put numbers in each section, then after two shots, Big J added up the numbers. Then we changed up the numbers and did […]

Use Dice to Practice Math Facts

We’re just finishing up basic addition in our house, and in order to set in some of the basics so that no thought is required to come up with the answer to simple facts like 3+5 or 6+4 for example, we’ve been practicing with dice. It works great and my little guy LOVES it. He’s not […]

Math Wheel for Practicing Addition/Subtraction Fact Triangles 1-10

Practicing math using triangular number families is very effective, but at our house, flash cards seem to get strewn around everywhere and I thought it would be great to have it all in one place. So, I created this number wheel, which shows each number family as you turn the top circle. With this wheel […]