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Printable Alphabet Bingo Cards

If you have little ones learning letters, this printable alphabet bingo game will be a fun addition to your school time. There are 3 bingo sheets to print, and then parents can call out letters, while little ones mark the ones they find on their sheets with Cherrios, pennies or something similar. Just like regular […]

Blends, Digraphs and Diphthongs Printables Roundup is a wonderful site with tons of worksheets organized by subject and grade level. They have plenty of consonant blend and diphthong worksheets to help the kids learn. (You do have to join, but it’s a free membership.) Kids Learning Station has a nice set of consonant blend worksheets, including standard fill-in-the-blank, word searches […]

Free Phonics Roundup

Depending on the child and the curriculum you’re using, some extra phonics worksheets might be necessary. Before you go out and buy another workbook, check out the worksheets available online – there are tons!