Traditional Homeschool Method

This approach mimics what happens in the public school classroom. It compartmentalizes subject areas, uses textbooks, and relies on teacher-driven content.

  • Focus is on the national (or private institution’s) standards
  • Involves lectures, grade-level textbooks, workbooks, drill and memorization, practice problems and review, testing, and grades
  • Lots of reading and writing
  • Full school day
  • Goal is to learn what is required for graduation and to produce good citizens

This teaching method might work well for you/your student if you:

  • want your child to be studying material in a similar scope and sequence as other public or private schools,
  • value the style of a classroom school and want your child to experience that at home,
  • want your child to be able to do well and learn through fill-in-the-blanks and quizzes,
  • have definite ideas about what content you want your child to learn, and it matches well with the textbook you have chosen.

Traditional Resources

By Angela Snodgrass

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