Unit Studies

This method utilizes a particular theme to teach a variety of subjects.  Unit studies incorporate various learning styles and are a good way to teach a variety of ages without having to make different lesson plans.  Unit studies allow teacher and student the freedom to pursue the interests of the family, while still attending to most subjects.

  • learning that is focused on a particular topic or time period
  • each child completes age-appropriate activities that relate to the topic
  • teach all ages of children at once
  • integrate social studies, science, fine arts, language arts, religion, and occasionally math.
  • based on a theme, historical event, science topic such as rainbows, a character trait such as honesty, a piece of literature, the life of a person, or a piece of artwork.
  • Usually one on one teaching is done in the morning and afternoons are set aside for hands-on projects and field trips.
  • The goal is to instill a love of learning.

This teaching method might work well for you/your student if you:

  • want your children of different ages all studying similar subjects at their own level,
  • have enough time to interact with your children about the materials they are studying and how they relate,
  • see a value in taking the time to do hands-on-projects and group learning around a central theme,
  • or your child don’t mind following a traditional scope and sequence.

Unit Study Resources:

by Angela Snodgrass

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