Which teaching method should I choose?

Many of the differences in homeschooling methods boil down to the following questions:

  1. how you want to be involved in teaching
  2. the amount of structure you want
  3. what you want your child to learn
  4. how you want to evaluate your child’s progress

Each of these methods has a slightly different answer to these questions. How you answer the questions is key to finding a home schooling method that will work for you.

As you consider the type of teaching method you would like to employ, consider your child’s learning style and how it will fit in with your chosen teaching method.

  1. Visual learners prefer to learn by seeing and watching demonstrations.
  2. Auditory learners prefer to learn through verbal instructions from others or themselves.
  3. Kinesthetic learners prefer to learn by direct involvement and doing things with what they are learning.

By Angela Snodgrass

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