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Making Homeschooling Easier and More Fun With Electronics

There is so much available through the computer, apps and electronic devices to help us with schoolwork. We are heavy technology users, with an iPad, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire and smart phone and we put them all to good educational use. Here are some ideas and sites that are great additions to your homeschool routines: […]

Virtual Dissection

Unless you have a budding biologist in your home, you may be wondering how important it is for your children to do an actual dissection on an actual formaldehyde-smelling animal, such as a worm, frog, fetal pig, rat, etc. Or, particularly for those more squeamish students, can they gain a similar understanding of anatomy by […]

Online & Computer Based Curriculum

There are so many great online resources for homeschooling. Following is a growing list of online resources to check out as you consider sourcing curriculum for your children: What online and computer based programs have you used? Let us know in the comments so we can add them to the list!