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Stop Sign Printable To Cut Down On Interruptions

If you have a little one, particularly in the 2-4 year old range, and are trying to school older kids, keeping the little one from continually interrupting can be a challenge. I used to gate my younger son in his bedroom while doing schoolwork with big brother, but recently when my sister complained of the […]

Making Homeschooling Easier and More Fun With Electronics

There is so much available through the computer, apps and electronic devices to help us with schoolwork. We are heavy technology users, with an iPad, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire and smart phone and we put them all to good educational use. Here are some ideas and sites that are great additions to your homeschool routines: […]

Tips for keeping little ones busy

If you have little ones, you know it can be difficult to keep them occupied while you’re trying to be productive with the older kids’ schoolwork. Here’s a great post from Life as Mom about being intentional with that time when you need the littles to be occupied.

Make a “tissue” box to keep little hands busy

This is an awesome idea for keeping a little one busy while doing school with the older kids. Use an old tissue box and material squares and make some big fun! Read all about it at The Imagination Tree.

Keep a toddler busy with a colander

It can be a challenge to keep the little ones busy while working with older children. Here’s one way: put a collander upside down on the floor or a table. Give the child some dry spaghetti noodles that have been broken in half, and show them how to stick them through the holes and find […]