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Bringing Out The Genius In Your Child

One frequently asked question about homeschooling is “how can I possibly give my children everything they need for a good education?” When we begin homeschooling, or even when we have been homeschooling a while, we can fall into the trap of replicating the public school model in an attempt to ensure a complete education. This […]

How American Homeschoolers Measure Up

This is another interesting infographic taking data from various sources. I found the survey of adults who were homeschooled interesting, and glad to see the overwhelming majority were glad they were homeschooled and would homeschool their own children. It’s nice to see that several states offer a tax credit to families homeschooling their children. Source: […]

How Homeschooling Compares with Public Schooling

While there is no doubt that it is entirely possible to obtain a decently good education in the public school system, when you compare homeschooled kids to public school kids as a whole, homeschoolers consistently outperform their public school counterparts. Also, it doesn’t seem to matter how much parents spend in the process or whether […]

Escaping the Public School Paradigm

There is no one right way to homeschool, and each family will work out the system that works best for them. One important thing to remember however, is that the public school system really doesn’t have to be the “model” for how we “do” school. In fact, if we thought the public school system was […]