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Use Graph Paper to Make Multiplication and Long Division Easier

If your child struggles with lining up numbers and keeping them the same size, multiple digit  multiplication problems and long division can be a real struggle. Using graph paper to do problems on can be a life-saver. You can buy pads of graph paper, but it can be difficult to find graph paper with larger […]

Staying Focused and Keeping the Sillies Away

If you have more than one child doing school in the same room, it can be so easy for the kids to lose their focus. Someone makes a rude noise, and suddenly everyone is giggling and it takes 5 minutes to get back on task. Then someone talks to his brother about the Lego ship […]

Help kids hold pencils correctly

I have a 6 year old and when he first started writing, we went round and round about how to hold the pencil. I would correct his grip and 10 seconds later it would be messed up again. It’s hard for little ones to hold a pencil correctly. Then we found the magic solution! Pencil […]

How to keep glue lids from clogging

It’s time for arts and crafts and you get it all ready, then everyone sits and waits while Mommy unclogs the glue bottles. No more! Use this trick of coating the lids in oil to cut down on clogs.