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Use a timer to help dawdlers

Do you have a dawdler?  I think most kids tend to dawdle with schoolwork at some point in their lives. We have found that using a timer is extremely helpful with subjects that are maybe not the most loved and that induce time wasting.

Fun spelling games to play in the car

You have to be in the car anyway – may as well put the time to good use. Here’s a great suggestion from FiveJ’s to play spelling games in the car to pass the time.

Multi-Tasking Subjects

In an effort to be sure we’re doing right for our children, sometimes we can end up piling on the subjects and have a difficult time finishing everything. One great way to accomplish more is to combine subjects and make tasks do double duty. It’s easiest to do this with language arts. In the elementary […]

Use time in the car for listening to audio books

During some seasons of life we can end up spending a lot of time in the car- more than we would like in most cases. Put that time to good use by listening to audiobooks such as Story of the World or the memory work audio CDs that come along with some curricula. If you’re doing Classical […]

Make-ahead lunches and snacks

If you have multiple children doing a variety of things during the day, it can be very frustrating to be deep into a subject with one child and have another child announce that they are hungry and ready for a snack. Stop these interruptions with make-ahead snacks and lunches. Why should parents of public school […]