Printable Regular and Irregular Plural Worksheets

plural practice printable worksheetLearning to properly make plural nouns from singular can be difficult because of the various rules depending on ending letters, and then English has plenty of irregular plurals, just to make it more confusing. There are three worksheets to print: the first has the rules for pluralization along with words to practice with, the second printable worksheet has more words to practice with no rules to reference, and the third is a list of words that have irregular plurals.

Click the links to open the worksheets and print:

Plural Practice Worksheet- With Rules

Plural Practice Worksheet- No Rules

Irregular Plural Practice Worksheet

Feel free to print these free worksheets multiple times, or you could always put them in a sheet protector to make them reusable. The irregular plurals in particular might be one to have your student do several times for practice. To learn the rules, have the students repeat them after you every day, until they can say them by themselves.

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