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Homeschool Support Groups and Co-ops

As homeschooling continues to grow, so do the number of support groups, associations and co-ops. These provide excellent resources for enrichment opportunities, classes, field trips, park days and support for parents. There is a huge variety in the types of groups available, particularly the closer you live to a metropolitan area. So, what’s the difference […]

Virtual Dissection

Unless you have a budding biologist in your home, you may be wondering how important it is for your children to do an actual dissection on an actual formaldehyde-smelling animal, such as a worm, frog, fetal pig, rat, etc. Or, particularly for those more squeamish students, can they gain a similar understanding of anatomy by […]

10 Educational Apps We Love

When I first got the iPad, I knew we’d probably use it for some school related things, but I had no idea how much we’d find that would make learning fun and interesting for all ages of kids. Here are 10 of our favorite apps: MathBoard   this is a simply awesome app for math […]

Make a schoolwork memory book

We all have lots of work our kids have completed sitting around, waiting to be organized or thrown out, and the longer you homeschool and the more kids you have, the paper can really pile up. I tend to be rather unsentimental, almost to a fault and was throwing everything out, until a friend reminded […]

Preparing for College: Homeschool Transcripts

While the path homeschoolers follow through high school may be very similar or radically different than their public school counterparts, all applicants are in much the same boat when it comes to college admissions.  The big challenge, of course, is how to impress an admissions officer enough to receive an acceptance letter from the student’s […]

Book Lists for Homeschooling

Whether you’re following a particular curriculum or method in your homeschooling journey, it’s likely you’ll be looking for some reading ideas for your students. Here are several book lists to look through for some ideas: 1000 Good Books by Classical Christian Education – arranged by grade and author Charlotte Mason Curriculum Book List – “living […]

Homeschool Organization and Planning Resources

Donna Young Homeschool Planning Printables – you may already be familiar with as an excellent resource for printable worksheets, but she also has a large section devoted to planning and organization. The site includes lesson plan sheets, calendars, administrative items, journals, diplomas and much more. Weekly Assignment Planner from Five J’s – among the […]