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Abstract Art Creation Cards

In Classical Conversations week 4, we focus on creating abstract art. This is a fun time, but some direction is helpful, so I created these abstract drawing cards for use in class. I plan on giving the kids half sheets of paper, and either letting them draw cards randomly, or maybe putting numbers 1-6 on […]

Printable Regular and Irregular Plural Worksheets

Learning to properly make plural nouns from singular can be difficult because of the various rules depending on ending letters, and then English has plenty of irregular plurals, just to make it more confusing. There are three worksheets to print: the first has the rules for pluralization along with words to practice with, the second […]

Draw a Picture, Write a Sentence Worksheet

A printable drawing and writing worksheet can be used in so many ways. For a child just learning to write letters, you could choose a letter each day and they could draw things starting with that letter, and then practice writing the letter below. As they progress, spelling words can be fun to draw, as […]

Printable Counting Coloring Sheet

Learning to count will be fun with these little birdies!  Have your child color the correct number of birds in each line. After coloring, ask your student to identify which line has the most colored and which line the least. Then you can cut out each line so that you have 5 strips, and ask […]

Printable Story Starter- Pirate Story

Story starters are a great way to get kids writing! Sometimes it is difficult to come up with a whole story, but a story starter can get the creative juices flowing. This pirate adventure story will be great for boys, but girls will certainly enjoy it too. Let your kids decide what happens as they […]

Printable Preschool Shape and Line Tracing Sheets

Tracing lines and shapes is an excellent activity to practice prior to writing actual letters. It’s an opportunity to practice drawing lines in different directions as well as proper grip and hand-eye coordination, developing the fine motor skills that will make learning to form letters much easier. Click the links below to open and print: Line […]

Printable Alphabet Bingo Cards

If you have little ones learning letters, this printable alphabet bingo game will be a fun addition to your school time. There are 3 bingo sheets to print, and then parents can call out letters, while little ones mark the ones they find on their sheets with Cherrios, pennies or something similar. Just like regular […]

Blends, Digraphs and Diphthongs Printables Roundup is a wonderful site with tons of worksheets organized by subject and grade level. They have plenty of consonant blend and diphthong worksheets to help the kids learn. (You do have to join, but it’s a free membership.) Kids Learning Station has a nice set of consonant blend worksheets, including standard fill-in-the-blank, word searches […]

Printable Schoolroom Quotes

I know many like to have pictures of some of our great presidents and founding fathers on their schoolroom walls. Here are 3 printable portraits with quotes – just click on the image to open the large version (about 8×10 inches) or you can right-click and download the PDF to your computer: Tell me and […]

Common Nouns vs. Proper Nouns Worksheets

Needing a little extra practice on common nouns vs. proper nouns? Here are a couple of worksheets in which the kids must identify each and circle the letter(s) that should be capitalized in the proper nouns. Click the images to open and print.