Printable Alphabet Bingo Cards

Alphabet BingoIf you have little ones learning letters, this printable alphabet bingo game will be a fun addition to your school time. There are 3 bingo sheets to print, and then parents can call out letters, while little ones mark the ones they find on their sheets with Cherrios, pennies or something similar. Just like regular bingo, 5 in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally wins! The star the middle is the “free space”.

Other ways to play with these sheets:

  • when they find the letter, they have to also give you the letter sound
  • figure out which letters are missing from each card
  • trace the letter with a marker or circle it after it’s called out
  • cut out the letters and rearrange to see how many words you can make

Click the links below to open and print!


Alphabet Bingo 1

Alphabet Bingo 2

Alphabet Bingo 3


Lowercase Bingo 1

Lowercase Bingo 2

Lowercase Bingo 3


  1. amy says:

    do you have these with lowercase and/or upper and lower case mixed together?


  2. Randa Clay says:

    That’s a great idea! I’ll make some and add them here soon!