Printable Preschool Shape and Line Tracing Sheets

Printable Shape TracingTracing lines and shapes is an excellent activity to practice prior to writing actual letters. It’s an opportunity to practice drawing lines in different directions as well as proper grip and hand-eye coordination, developing the fine motor skills that will make learning to form letters much easier.

Click the links below to open and print:

Line Tracing

Shape Tracing

To save paper, we’ve been using these Learning Resources Write & Wipe Pockets. They are so sturdy and way better than a regular flimsy sheet protector.

Other things that will help with developing fine motor skills and hand strength include:

  • Playing with clay
  • Making numbers or letters out of clay
  • Stringing beads on string, thread, or yarn
  • Tearing and cutting paper
  • Playing with lacing cards
  • Squeezing a stress ball
  • Drawing shapes and letters in sand or flour spread in a baking sheet

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  1. Priscilla says:

    Thanks. this is a great worksheet to practice in building up my toddlers confidence in tracing letters and the next steps after that. God bless