Curriculum Review: Horizons Math

Choosing a math curriculum (or any curriculum for that matter!) can be difficult. There are many good choices and I had a hard time making a final decision because ideally I wanted to choose something and stick with it for the duration. We came close to using Math-U-See and I’m sure we would have been happy with it, but I’m very pleased that we ended up with Horizons. This curriculum is available through grade 6.

For a very visual learner, like my son, the workbooks are engaging, and the “spiral method” of introducing concepts and reviewing past concepts has been great. There is enough review that is easy to tailor the amount of work to the child. For concepts that are already firmly in place we skip here and there, and if we need more practice there is plenty available. Overall I’m very pleased with Horizons.

More reviews can be found here.  Have you used Horizons Math? Let us know what you think of it in the comments!

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