Curriculum Review: Math U See

We started homeschooling in 3rd grade. Math-U-See was recommended to us as a math curriculum. We’ve used it for two levels and love how each level covers a math concept tip to tail for mastery before moving on to the next. For example, we learned everything we could about addition before moving to subtraction, all forms of multiplication before moving to division. My daughter is able to complete new lessons with confidence!
~ Review by Marla Scott

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  1. Susan Brown says:

    I really liked what Maria Scott had to say in her review. It helped my dd to become math minded. Not just learn the formula to take a test. I learned to “see it” too. The DVD’s just make it so easy.

  2. Karin says:

    I am new to homeschooling. I began quickly in Feb. of 2012 and love the Abeka curriculum that we are using. I knew that this curriculum would be advanced and wanted my daughter to be challenged. She is doing great with everything except for math. She always scored high in math at school, but now I realize that she never memorized math facts and she is used to using her fingers and other techniques to figure out answers to the math problems. That proves that she is a bright child, but I want her to have a better foundation in math. Now that she is being challenged by division with remainders in a curriculum that is more advanced we are beginning to struggle. Could you please give me advice. I would love to know if I should consider Math U See or any other curriculum that would be good. I really like all of the sample videos for Math U See but I wonder which level to start. I don’t want to take the online quiz and start at the multiplication level and then have more frustration. This fear leads me to believe that maybe I should start at level 1. Thanks!

    • Randa says:

      Hmmm… sounds like there might be a benefit in pausing where she is in the current curriculum, and taking a month or 3 to review just basic math facts. I don’t know that I would buy a whole curriculum for it. If you have an iPad, there is an AWESOME app called MathBoard for practice. On the MathUSee site they have a practice sheet generator. We use sheet protectors so we can use them over and over. There are also tons of other online resources and apps – a quick Google will yield lots of results. Hope that helps!