Field Trip Ideas

Here is a giant list of field trip ideas. We’d love it if you’d add your ideas in the comments!

Museums – Art, Nature, Science, Sculpture, etc.

Symphony Orchestra – many city orchestras have school performances

Nature Center/Arboretum


Zoos and Aquariums

Animal Rescue Facilities

Theater performances such as plays and operas

Tour a local business or factory

Tour a laboratory

Tour a commercial greenhouse

State Capitol

Historic Sites and Historical Reenactments

Take a nature walk or hike

Go birdwatching

Visit a national or state park

Go caving

Attend a local festival

Visit a farm

Visit a fish hatchery


  1. Bill says:

    You mentioned city parks but I think it is important to remind folks that many parks offer special events, sometimes events specialized for homeschoolers but only on certain days and times. Check your city parks’ web site and schedule your field trips ahead of time.

    As an example, last year, we visited Slate Run Park and Historical Farm near Columbus, OH and my daughter was able to milk the cow. They also showed us how to churn butter, feed the hogs, etc.

  2. Bill says:

    You also mention theatre. Great! We took my 7 year old to see Les Miserables the other night. It was 3 hours long. I think some people in our row looked at us funny for bringing such a young child to a play like that but they didn’t know we were homeschoolers. She did fine!

    My daughter now wants more plays and can sing many of the Les Mis songs word-for-word. My wife had the original London CD.

    I just post this to encourage folks to venture out to “adult” activities with your younger home-schooled children, as long as the activities are decent. 🙂 Home-schooled children are behaved and appreciate traditional adult activities.